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Westborn Collision Center

Frequently asked questions

"Certainly! Our repair centers offer a Lifetime Warranty as we make seamless repairs to your vehicle. Each location bears the responsibility of its respective warranty. “
"Insurance providers may recommend a specific repair shop, but Michigan State Law allows you to choose your own. Westborn Collision Center passes on discounts and incentives to clients, offering lower deductibles or a free loaner car. “
"The amount you can save on your deductible depends on the cost of the repair. While we have previously saved customers their entire deductible amount, we must assess the vehicle and offer a free estimate to determine the exact amount of savings or eligibility for a complimentary loaner car.“
"We repair all vehicles to their pre-accident condition, meeting the manufacturer's specifications. A factory package is used for a fresh coat of paint, utilizing the same paint used by the original manufacturer, ensuring a color, quality, and texture that matches the original paint.“
"If a customer owes more on their vehicle than its value, they may be "Upside Down." We can repair such vehicles at a reduced cost, and the customer can repurchase the car from their insurer after receiving compensation. Contact us for more information. “